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Nurturing Hearts - Northwest
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Programs Offered

Nurturing Hearts Early Learning Center offers a learning curriculum for children in all classrooms that is age appropriate covering a range of skills such as vocabulary, letters, numbers, shapes, colors, counting, problem solving, language development and healthy habits.

Our curriculum provides:

  • Clearly stated objectives to help facilitate learning in all domains
  • Flexible programming to accommodate varied learning styles
  • Carefully selected themes that capture and encourage children's interest

Early Learners

The Early Learners Program is for ages 12-23 months of age, at this age all their skills are learned through toys and games.

San Antonio Early Learners

Preschool 2

The Preschool 2 Program is for age 2. Communications skills are a vital portion of this classroom as children expand their vocabularies.

San Antonio Preschool

Preschool 3

The Preschool 3 Program is for children 3 years of age and is intended to smoothly transition your child into Kindergarten.

San Antonio Preschool

Preschool 4

The Preschool 4 Program is for children 4-5 years of age and is intended to smoothly transition your child into Kindergarten and encourage self dependence.

San Antonio Preschool

School Aged Programs

Our before and after school program is for children 5 years to 10 years of age and is organized to allow children as much freedom of choice as possible within a structured and safe environment.

San Antonio Preschool

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