For children 5 years of age. Communications skills are a vital portion of this classroom as children expand their vocabularies.

Program Information


Ages: 5 Years Old

Teacher to Child Ratio



6:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Pre-Kinder in writing activity

Our Prekinder classroom offers a positive classroom environment that prepares our young children to acquire the skills needed both in school and life. Our Prekinder teachers will engage in both large and small group learning activities to teach new concepts in math, literacy and language concepts. Each day will include phonological awareness activities, reading and writing, and math and language development.

Science and social studies activities are included twice a week in our Prekinder lesson plan. We will utilize multiple forms of assessment to track children’s individual progress in these areas. These assessments will be shared with families each quarter.

The goal in our Prekinder program is to build children’s skills over time and work toward school readiness by mastering beginning level skills.